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European Parliament recognises essential tremor as official disease in ‘ground-breaking’ declaration



Brussels, Belgium – The European Parliament, in collaboration with Insightec and patient advocacy groups, has taken a ‘historic’ step forward in the healthcare space by signing a Joint Declaration to officially recognise essential tremor as a disease. This monumental move promises to enhance the lives of millions who suffer from the most common movement disorder worldwide, affecting an estimated 54 million people.

  • The Joint Declaration specifically calls for the following:
  • The formal recognition of essential tremor as a distinct disease.
  • The development of a comprehensive European strategy for brain disorders.
  • Greater R&D funding opportunities for medical devices focusing on brain diseases. Democratised access to healthcare to ensure a fair harmonisation across the EU.
  • A call for the formal creation of a European Parliament Intergroup on Brain Diseases.

“While progress has been made in advancing healthcare equity in the European Union, there is still a long way ahead to ensure that individuals affected by essential tremor have equitable access to life-changing treatment options,” said Alex Agius Saliba, co-chair of the European Parliament interest group on neurological diseases and co-organiser of the event. “As a member of the Parliament, I am committed to ensuring the prioritisation of awareness and equal treatment options for these patients, in order to cultivate an environment where all members of society can thrive and contribute.”

Luca Savarese of the Associazione Tremori added: “These [ET] patients are masters of camouflage, ubiquitous – yet unseen. Today, access to treatments remains uneven. I am here today to raise awareness of what it is like to live with ET, and to advocate for equal rights and access to therapy for everyone with ET.”

“Access to treatment options for essential tremor is a matter of equality and social justice,” commented Maarit Matjussi, chair of ScanShakers and chairwoman of the Finnish Essential Tremor Association.

Vice President of Insightec Europe, Giuseppe Carbone said: “Signing this Joint Declaration, together with Members of the European Parliament and patient associations across Europe, is a pivotal milestone for Insightec and for people living with essential tremor across Europe. This declaration injects hope, showing a strong commitment from all of us to take action and work together for equal access to therapy options for patients, no matter where they live in the European Union. I am truly excited about the progress we have made today towards guaranteeing the rights to access a improve the quality of life for people with ET.”

This Joint Declaration sheds light on the challenges faced by those with essential tremor as well as igniting hope for a future where access to effective treatments is not dictated by geography according to the company. Members of the European Parliament, Insightec, and patient groups are united in their commitment to ensuring equal therapy access and improving quality of life for all affected by this disease.

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