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European Lotteries Advocates for Sustainable Gaming Model with New Manifesto



The European Lotteries (EL) is the leading association representing Europe’s lottery and gambling sector. Its newest manifesto promotes a sustainable gaming model, emphasizing the long tradition of lotteries contributing to the public good. The manifesto outlines a framework to promote accountability and ensure the industry remains thriving and responsible in the light of rapid technological advancements.

Lotteries Occupy a Unique Place in Society

The manifesto highlights how lotteries have been an integral fixture of European society since 1441, when the first model in Bruges, Belgium, used proceeds from prize games to finance public projects. Lotteries across all EU member states retain this commitment to the common good. In 2022, EL members generated over €22 billion ($23.66 billion) for societal causes.

This unique model and the important societal role lotteries play deserve to be safeguarded at both national and EU level.

EL Manifesto 2024

EL members acknowledge that gambling entails particular risks not present in other industries, necessitating tighter government control over the sector. According to the manifesto, these inherent issues are why lotteries remain regulated individually on a national level and do not benefit from the interconnectedness of other European services, empowering countries to set their own rules.

European lotteries operate under stringent national licensing and legal requirements, including anti-money laundering, anti-terrorist-financing and responsible gaming policies. The manifesto highlights their commitment to preventing consumer harm and implementing the highest responsible gaming standards. Such an approach ensures lottery fans can focus on the social side of gambling and practice it as a pleasant pastime.

The Industry Must Keep Evolving

The EL manifesto outlines critical focus points designed to maximize the positive social impact of lotteries while minimizing potential harms. First among these is the collaboration with EU institutions to preserve lotteries’ historical traditions and principles. The EL also urged policymakers to include lotteries in the future social taxonomy, giving them fair access to investors and insurers.

Combating illegal operators remains a priority, as does limiting the potential for misuse of AI technology. These measures must coincide with responsible advertising practices channeling users toward regulated solutions. Sports integrity is another vital consideration as the EL condemns such practices and urges all EU member states to support the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions.

EL stands for the sound and sustainable lottery model for the benefit of society, based on the values of forward-thinking, responsibility, and integrity.

EL Manifesto 2024

The manifesto reflects EL’s advocacy for a balanced regulatory approach, recognizing the unique nature of gambling services. The lotteries firmly support a balanced regulatory approach, recognizing the unique nature of gambling services and the justified restrictions imposed for the public interest as they strive for a sustainable gaming model that prioritizes public benefit, responsible gaming, and effective regulation.

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