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England set for era-defining clash, Southgate to make one change against Dutch



England set for era-defining clash, Southgate to make one change against Dutch

Return to Nether Land

The Netherlands might be feeling a little wistful for some of their rich footballing history as they approach tonight’s semi-final clash against England.

That’s according to Dutch football expert Marcel van de Kraan, who has not been delighted by his nation’s side at Euro 2024.

He believes the nation has been spoiled by the high quality teams they have produced over recent decades, as he recalled so many of the national stars that have lit up the global stage over the years.

But he is expecting a well-matched fixture tonight between the Netherlands and England…if only because he believes both teams have been equally dull up until now.

“Actually, I think both teams have been very parallel,” van de Kraan told talkSPORT. “Expectations high on England, expectations high on Holland. And yet everything in the first group stage matches, and even after that, was very disappointing.

“The football was boring. I’ve classed England as boring. I went to every game. I’ve classed Holland as boring. You know, and the Dutch, of course, always had this – we’re spoiled.

“Ever since the ‘70, ‘74 World Cup, with Cruyff, ‘78 final in the World Cup, ‘88 with Van Basten, Willard up front, Rijkaard, Koeman himself. We had so much fluid, attacking football. And everything was always based on great attackers. Van Basten, Kluivert, Van Nistelrooy, Van Persie, Arjen Robben.

“You know, all of them, Bergkamp, let’s not forget Dennis Bergkamp. Everything was so fluent and beautiful to watch. And now, up front, I’m not impressed.”

However these two teams have played till now, one thing is for sure: one of them will become Euro 2024 finalists tonight.

The Netherlands won the Euros back in 1988
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