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Emmanuel Macron explains why he thinks Europe is in mortal danger




In a candid interview with The Economist, French President Emmanuel Macron elaborated on his concerns about the existential challenges confronting Europe today. He delved into the geopolitical, economic, and societal risks that he believes pose a grave danger to the continent’s future.


Macron began by evoking Paul Valéry’s somber reflection on the fragility of civilizations, emphasizing the precarious position Europe finds itself in amidst mounting military and security threats. With the resurgence of high-intensity warfare and the specter of nuclear-armed powers, Macron stressed the imperative for Europe to bolster its military capabilities and reduce its dependence on external protection, particularly from the United States.


However, the challenges facing Europe extend beyond the realm of security. Macron highlighted the urgent need for economic and technological sovereignty, emphasizing the importance of energy independence and innovation to ensure Europe’s prosperity in an increasingly competitive global landscape. He underscored the significance of attracting major investments and fostering disruptive technologies to maintain Europe’s relevance on the world stage.


Moreover, Macron lamented the erosion of democratic principles and the rise of illiberal impulses fueled by digitalization and social media. He expressed concern over the vulnerability of democratic processes, particularly during election periods, and the detrimental effects of digital technology on society, especially on the younger generation.


Against this backdrop of existential risks, Macron cautioned against complacency, warning that Europe’s demise could occur more swiftly than anticipated. He emphasized the need for decisive action and a paradigm shift to address these challenges effectively. While acknowledging Europe’s past efforts to respond to crises, Macron stressed the urgency of taking bolder and more radical measures to safeguard the continent’s future.


Addressing the geopolitical threat posed by Russia, Macron condemned its aggressive actions and disregard for international law. He highlighted Russia’s destabilizing behavior, including territorial aggression, hybrid warfare, and cyberattacks, as significant threats to European security. Macron emphasized the need for a unified European response to counter Russia’s belligerence and protect the continent from further destabilization.


Regarding the possibility of sending ground troops to Ukraine, Macron affirmed his commitment to considering all options in response to Russia’s aggression. He emphasized the importance of maintaining strategic ambiguity to deter further Russian aggression and underscored Europe’s determination to defend its interests and uphold international norms.


In conclusion, Macron’s interview underscored the urgency of confronting the multifaceted challenges facing Europe. He called for bold leadership, decisive action, and transnational cooperation to safeguard Europe’s security, prosperity, and democratic values in the face of unprecedented threats.





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