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Dan Hardy Explains New Role in PFL Europe



Since being let go by the UFC in 2021, Dan Hardy has managed to carve a role for himself in the PFL. The former fighter had a good run as a commentator for the UFC. However, following an alleged confrontation with an employee, he was dismissed. Many have speculated about the specifics of the incident and whether Hardy being fired was related to the infamous “STOP THE FIGHT!” moment. Regardless, Hardy has now found employment elsewhere.

Dan Hardy’s Roles in PFL and Bellator

Following Hardy’s departure from the UFC, he has established a good relationship with both Bellator and the PFL. In an interview with MMA Junkie, he has explained his roles. Dan stated, “I’m commentating on Bellator and PFL Global,” which has been known about for a while. The bigger news is his newer role in PFL Europe.

When asked if he was doing matchmaking, he answered, “Yes just for PFL Europe”. As the name suggests, PFL Europe is more focused on signing European talent and hosting events in Europe. Dan proclaimed, “PFL Europe is my baby and I’m the one signing and matching the fighters”. This is a big role for Hardy and one he seems invested in.

Hardy expressed how “he’s enjoying it” and “it’s a different kind of challenge”. It’s any fight fan’s dream to be able to match-make, and Dan is very much a fight fan. Despite all of his positivity, Hardy has one minor issue. He said, “I just wish I had more shows and a bigger budget so I can sign more guys,” realising, “there’s so many fighters in Europe trying to be active”. That is unfortunately one of the downsides of working with the PFL. There is a more limited budget than the UFC.

Scouting European Talent

Dan also discussed the role of PFL as, essentially, a way to filter European talent into the title picture. Dan said, “The pathway obviously you get that European title, and then you move onto the global roster, and you try to get the $1 million and the world title”. This takes a boxing approach with regional titles, showing if a fighter is domestic level, European, or world level.

This takes the idea of a world champion to heart by getting the best fighters from across the world. This approach will be interesting to watch this PFL season.

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