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Cheapest holiday spot in Europe boasts £1.50 pints and £3.50 fry-ups



Europe’s most affordable holiday destination boasts £1.50 pints, full English fry-ups for £3.50 – and the world’s best beach.

This budget paradise is none other than the Algarve in Portugal. If you’re yearning for sun, sea and ice-cold beers at a fraction of UK prices, then this southern Portuguese resort is your ideal getaway.

The Post Office crowned Algarve as Europe’s cheapest holiday spot and the fifth most affordable worldwide.  The Post Office Travel Money reveals that you can anticipate paying a mere £1.76 on average for a glass of wine – significantly cheaper than what you’d shell out for a serving of red or white back in the UK.

A couple can enjoy a three-course meal in the Algarve for under £40, or splurge on a lavish feast in one of the many British-centric eateries in the area.  

YouTubers ‘Pete n Chelle’ visited Pasteleria o Cristal in Albufeira – the largest city in the region – and were astounded by the deals they discovered.  A full English breakfast cost them just £3.50, while large beers were available for £1.50.

In addition to inexpensive food and drink, the region is renowned for its superb weather. While the UK endures another bout of grey drizzle, the Algarve is currently soaking up temperatures nearing 30C and enjoying a week of uninterrupted sunshine, reports the Daily Star.

This sizzling weather comes in handy given that the region boasts the world’s best beach.  In the latest world rankings for best beaches, Portugal’s Praia da Falesia stood victorious with its immaculate golden sands and crystal-clear waters perfect for swimming.

“Varadero Beach has everything you’d expect from a picture-perfect beach: Golden sand, turquoise-blue water, and stunning sunsets. The gentle waves are perfect for swimming, snorkelling, or kayaking. Hop on a catamaran, go fishing, play a round of beach volleyball, walk along the shore there’s lots to do. Or just kick back and enjoy the beautiful, natural scenery (you really can’t go wrong),” wrote Tripadvisor about this alluring coast.

The jewel-like beach is located in the Algarve region, approximately 10km west of Faro a city easily reachable from the UK with a quick, two-and-a-half-hour flight.

While exceptionally affordable return tickets to Faro for as little as £30 may be available for the savvy traveller.

What truly sets Praia da Falesia apart is its remarkable cleanliness, despite being positioned in one of the worlds most frequented tourist regions. The beach, free from excessive human footfall, extends for 8km, unspoiled and pristine.

Adding to its distinctive charm are the beachs unique rock formations. “As soon as I reached Praia da Falesia, the scenery took my breath away. The bright orange cliffs and the visible layers of rock made the geographer in me do a little backflip of joy,” shared travel blogger the Mindful Ginger Nut amidst the reminiscence of their recent visit.

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