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Brits warned over European airport officially classed as world’s ‘most boring’



Europe’s newly ranked “most boring” airport is also one of the most expensive, a new survey has revealed. The airport at Henri Coandă in Bucharest has been slapped with the unwanted title of being the most “boring” in the Continent.

The in a survey that analysed the 40 busiest airports across Europe. Travel experts at eurochange scored the airports for their number of flight delays, average security wait times, array of restaurants and shops, the cost of an airport lounge ticket, and even the presence of unique attractions.

At the bottom of the pile is Henri Coandă in Bucharest.  An airport lounge ticket will set travellers back £40 per person making it the second most expensive in Europe for airport lounge tickets, behind Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

On the review website Skytrax the airport has been awarded a meagre 3/10 from more than 100 reviews. One unhappy customer wrote: “This is the worst airport. There are no sitting areas at all. People sit on the floors, on rails, stairs. 

“I had a business class ticket but because I arrived too early to the airport I couldn’t use the business class lounge Because the check-in for my baggage was an hour before the flight! Shame on you! Total disappointment.”

Another joined in, adding: “I recently had an extremely disappointing experience. The airport was eerily empty, creating a rather unwelcoming atmosphere. 

“But the real frustration began with the inefficiency in handling our luggage. It took them over an hour to offload our bags from the plane.

“This caused us to miss our connecting flight. Their lack of urgency and disregard for passengers’ schedules was appalling. The entire ordeal was not only time-consuming but also added unnecessary stress to our journey. I strongly advise travellers to consider other options if possible.”

A third wrote: “Horrible experience, long queuing times especially at security, and rude, unprofessional staff. 

“Flying is already a stressful experience, every time I am at this airport it makes it an absolutely horrible experience. 

“Would definitely not recommend, and a shame for anyone visiting Bucharest to have this as a first point of contact.”

However, it is the busiest airport in Romania, handling millions of passengers annually. The airport has seen significant growth in passenger traffic over the years, reflecting its importance as a major aviation hub in Eastern Europe.

There are ongoing plans for the expansion and modernization of the airport to handle increasing passenger numbers and improve facilities. This includes the construction of a new terminal and additional infrastructure improvements.

Compared to larger international hubs, Henri Coandă may offer a more limited range of shopping and dining options. Fewer high-end or diverse retail and culinary choices can make the airport feel less vibrant.

The airport might lack extensive recreational facilities such as movie theaters, spas, or play areas that are found in more modern, larger airports. approached Henri Coandă for a comment. 

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