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Brighton news: Why Albion have infrastructure to support Europe



Editor of Brighton fanzine Dogma James Williams believes the Seagulls are suffering a “hangover” after such a successful 18 months but have “the plan and infrastructure” and to consistently compete for European football.

“We’re feeling the pinch of a few different elements,” he explained to BBC Radio Sussex’s Albion Unlimited podcast.

“Firstly, we’ve had the ride of our lives for 18 months which came to a crashing end a month or so ago with the game in Rome. It’s inevitable there will be a bit of a comedown after that incredible high. This feels like that moment.

“We’re also feeling the pinch in terms of injuries of course but also the fact we haven’t recruited and replaced, at least like for like in the squad.

“The squad looks tired and we have a lack of options. I think all of those elements have combined to make this kind of feel of after the Lord Mayor’s show. I don’t think that’s necessarily a problem but it is a crashing realisation. It’s like waking up with the mother of all hangovers after the incredible 18 months that we’ve had.”

Sides such as Fulham and Swansea City have both enjoyed solitary Europa League campaigns in the past 15 years but Williams believes Brighton are better placed to consistently compete at the top end of the Premier League because of the structure at the club.

“There’s lots of teams who have done it once [achieved European football] and never again,” he added. “If that’s the case with us – to be totally realistic it could be -then so be it and what a ride we had.

“I also thing that unlike those teams, our progression and our development is based on a lot more substantial footing. It’s based on a clear plan, massive investment and strategy all geared around this.

“We’re going to be in and around those European spots much more consistently than those clubs because we have the plan and infrastructure to support it.”

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