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Best Aurora In Europe! Northern Lights Seen In Romania, Poland, UK, Russia



The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, graced the night skies over various parts of Europe on May 10. The stunning display of nature’s light show was visible from countries including the UK, Russia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Northern Ireland.

Social media platforms were abuzz with breathtaking images of the phenomenon, shared by observers from across these regions. The vibrant hues of green, purple and blue painted the night sky, creating a mesmerizing tableau that left viewers spellbound.

As a geomagnetic storm passed through the earth on May 10, the most widespread sightings of the Northern Lighs in recent years was witnessed by people on earth.

Here are some of the photos shared on social media from different parts of Europe.

United Kingdom

“There’s a heightened possibility of the Northern Lights gracing our skies in the coming nights thanks to several Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) that left the Sun recently. 🌌 Aurora sightings may be possible across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Northern England, and Wales 🌆,” the UK Space Agency tweeted.

Northern Ireland

The Belfast Telegraph reported that there is a high chance of spotting the Northern Lighs over Northern Ireland on May 10. One user shared a video of the Northen Lights on X. Here is the video:


Users from Poland reported seeing the Northern Lights above the Suhora observatory on Friday. One user posted a photo of the spectacle, terming it “absolutely breathtaking.”


The Northern Lights were visible from the Odessa oblast in Ukraine. Photos and videos of the celestial event was shared in Telegram groups. Here’s one such photo.


The Aurora Borrelis was spotted in Njimegen, Netherlands on May 10. Users who witnessed the event shared photos on social media. Here’s one such post:


The Northern Lights were spotted in Romania as well. Here are some photos:


The Northen Lights were seen in several parts of Russia, according to posts on X. One such posts reported that areas starting from Moscow and extending to Sartov and Voronezh region were witness to the spectacle.

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