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Abbott files trio of patent lawsuits over CGM tech in Europe



The FreeStyle Libre 3 continuous glucose monitor. [Image courtesy of Abbott]

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) filed three patent lawsuits against SiBionics and its distribution partner in Europe, JUVE-Patent reports.

The lawsuits include patent infringement allegations centered around continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, according to the report. Abbott filed them against China-based SiBionics and its sales partner Umedwings at the Unified Patent Court.

SiBionics develops, manufactures and distributes CGM and other monitoring technologies. It received CE mark approval for its GS1 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system last fall. Umedwings, a Dutch company, serves as its distribution partner in Europe.

Abbott’s suits take action against SiBionics, Umedwings and other European distributors across the continent, the report said. The medtech giant’s claims include:

Sibionics GS1 CGM
The GS1 CGM. [Image from SiBionics]
  • European Patent infringement claims in Düsseldorf
  • Three European patent infringement claims at the High Court in London
  • Two patents in dispute in Barcelona
  • One patent infringement suit in Rome

According to JUVE-Patent, Abbott aims to prevent SiBionics from entering the European market with its CGM technology. SiBionics is not yet selling its CGM in the U.S., the report said.

The lawsuits add more fuel to the CGM market and ongoing patent battles between Abbott and Dexcom, another market leader. Dexcom filed lawsuits against Abbott in July 2021 in Europe, leading to four patent infringement claims from the company against Dexcom in Europe as well, according to JUVE-Patent.

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