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2024 European Open: Prize Money Breakdown and Winners Payout.



After the DPWT’s first event that is the Soudal Open in Germany, the 2024 European Open is underway! It is being held at Green Eagle Golf Course in Winsen, Germany (Deutschland). This year marks the 7th consecutive year for the event to be held at the same venue, overall this is the 46th European Open. The tournament began on May 30, and so far, two rounds have been played, leaving 74 professionals who made the cut for the weekend rounds. The top 70 will be compensated with the prize money.

Last year, the DP World Tour offered $2 million for the European Open field. In the 2024 season, the purse has increased by $500,000, making it $2.5 million. The winner will take home $425,000 from the million-dollar purse, up from $340,000 in the previous edition. Additionally, the number of players to be compensated has increased from 65 to 70. Who will come out on top to claim their share of the purse, and is best suited to bag this amount? Let’s find out!

The prize money breakdown for the 2024 European Open is as follows:


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1st $425,000
2nd $275,000
3rd $157,500
4th $125,000
5th $105,000
6th $87,500
7th $75,000
8th $62,500
9th $56,000
10th $50,000
11th $46,000
12th $43,000
13th $40,250
14th $38,250
15th $36,750
16th $35,250
17th $33,750
18th $32,250
19th $31,000
20th $30,000
21st $29,000
22nd $28,250
23rd $27,500
24th $26,750
25th $26,000
26th $25,250
27th $24,500
28th $23,750
29th $23,000
30th $22,250
31st $21,500
32nd $20,750
33rd $20,000
34th $19,250
35th $18,500
36th $17,750
37th $17,250
38th $16,750
39th $16,250
40th $15,750
41st $15,250
42nd $14,750
43rd $14,250
44th $13,750
45th $13,250
46th $12,750
47th $12,250
48th $11,750
49th $11,250
50th $10,760
51st $10,250
52nd $9,750
53rd $9,250
54th $8,750
55th $8,500
56th $8,250
57th $8,000
58th $7,750
59th $7,500
60th $7,250
61st $7,000
62nd $6,750
63rd $6,500
64th $6,250
65th $6,000
66th $5,750
67th $5,500
68th $5,250
69th $5,000
70th $4,750

Will a German golfer be able to win the European Open?


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The North Course at Green Eagle Golf Courses is the longest, measuring a monstrous 7,882 yards. It is regarded as one of the toughest on the DP World Tour. It also features remarkable 5-par fives that are more than 600 yards in distance. In the past five editions of the tournament held here, the German golfers had to settle for a runner-up finish, and this year, the German golfers would be hoping to win. The last time a German golfer won the European Open was Bernhard Langer in 1995.

Jannik De Bruyn currently leads a strong German group hoping to excite the home crowds, with a two-way tie at T2 after the second round. Along with him, DP World Tour winners Nick Bachem, Marcel Siem, and Maximilian Kieffer are among the 12 German players competing in the European Open. To end the drought that has been going on for 29 years, Bruyn is the only viable hope right now, but Paul Yannik, with 2 under on the scorecard, could also excel to the top if he shoots several birdies.


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With such a massive amount set as the prize money, the competition is expected to intensify significantly this weekend. Fans’ expectations and anticipation have risen as they eagerly anticipate the ongoing DP World Tour event. What are your thoughts? Who do you think will emerge victorious? Share your predictions in the comments section below.

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